The Mom:

Hello my name is Kimberly. I am the mother of 4 amazing kids, well, grown adults. I have been quilting for more then half my life. I started by hand with scissors and templates. Then upgraded to quilting by machine. My love for Hand quilting is still the greatest. I bought a mid-arm and just loved it. I loved it so much I upgraded to a long arm.

The long-arm can create the most amazing patterns. These complex patterns add beauty to a well loved quilt. Every stitch put into a quilt is a labor of love for me, it is my passion, and my therapy.

The Daughter:

Hi my name is Nicole. I have a love for all things crafting and sewing. I was taught to sew and hand quilt as a young girl, by my amazing mother. Since then I have taught myself how to sew clothing, cloth diapers, and everything in between. My mother and I started on our machine quilting journey, several years ago. We started by learning on amid- arm machine, which I fell in love with! My love grew even more when we were able to get a long-arm machine.

Quilting is such an amazing process. It puts the finishing touches on something you created and just brings it all together. It is also very soothing and relaxing to me. For me so much love goes into the quilting.

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