Edge to Edge Quilting

We charge 2 cents per square inch. But what does that mean?

Math time: Length x Width = Area

Then Area x .02 = The final price for edge to edge quilting

Minimum Charge

We do have a minimum charge of $50 dollars.

Custom Quilting

Custom and semi-custom quilting varies depending on the complexity of the pattern. If you have an questions about custom quilting just leave us a message.

Binding Services

***Binding services will be available depending on our business load. If you have a question just leave us a message. All binding is done by hand.

Pre-made binding strips (measuring 2.5 inches).

Cost: $0.22 per linear inch

You can also send us fabric and we can make the binding strips for you. (As long as you provide enough yardage for us to make 2.5 inch strips. We can help you with the math!)

Cost: $0.25 per linear inch

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